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The House of Missy Boy

* Childhood. Childish things. Imaginary friends. Homes. Houses built. Paper houses. Beds made. Beds unmade. Empty rooms. I live in a home with an imaginary friend, an imaginary house. I live with Missy Boy. He is also known as Jesus. He sleeps in a bed next to me. Sometimes I can’t see him. Sometimes he disappears under a blanket or becomes a pillow; sometimes I carry him in my front pocket. He comforts me and gives me hope. He shows me the way to the tomb. He kills the flowers in the vase. He finds the jars of Vaseline. He ties me to the bed. He beats me up and gives me love. He is like Jesus (the savior) but kinder, more handsome. He makes love to me. I am never alone. * My new series of paintings are of houses and bedrooms and tombs. "The House of Missy Boy" is one painting in this series. It is the house of my childhood. "Missy Boy" was my imagery friend who lived with me from when I was seven til nine.
- Mark Housley


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