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Comet is on hiatus until January, 2005 but in the meantime, check out issues #2, #3, #4 online.

what you will find in comet 4: the tenacity issue
interviews with exene cervenka, beth custer, killing my lobster, and marvin k. white

• photo essay by mark brecke: artists respond to
the israeli-palestinian conflict
essays by chaim bertman, stephen elliott, and michael parenti
special profile on non-profit art spaces in the bay area
andi zeisler's tenacious women
new poetry and fiction
art by brigette burns, alicia mccarthy, christine ponelle, matt rogers, and julie zemel

A review of Comet's Tenacity Issue in Broken Pencil ...
The editors of Comet claim to be attracted to the unconventional and the experimental and this, the Tenacity Issue, pays homage to creative minds who stayed true to their beliefs and remained faithful to their own hearts--whether confronted by adversity or simply by the passage of time. The articles, focusing on artists working in a variety of media, are well-written and straightforward. Not only do the texts feed the curiosity of long-time fans--I was delighted to find out what Exene Cervenka is up to these days--they also provide enough background information to allow readers to discover artists previously unknown to them. No one is claiming to be weird, hard-core or controversial; the artists featured here offer strong work that speaks for itself, whether it is pen-and-ink illustration, the written word, stand-up comedy, or musical ventures. The Tenacity Issue is not a tribute to self-indulgence, it is a celebration of self-expression and a damn good one at that.
-Andree Lachapelle


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