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HOLD UP is a group show of four artists: Brigette Burns, Christine Ponelle, Matt Rogers, and Julie Zemel, who explore the idea of tenacity. Hold up. Hold on. Hold out. How do we "keep on going" in the face of adversity? How do I hold on? What do we hold up? How do I hold out my hand to others? What do I hold up for inspection? Am I the last hold out and what do I hold out for? As a curator and artist I hold out for art and passion. I hold on to the idea that art matters. I hold up four artists for your inspection. Enjoy the show. Gallery director Mark Housley

Fly by Matt Rogers


The first painting he ever made by Julie Zemel

white silence SB44-1 white thunder by Brigette Burns

perennial hope by Christine Ponelle

monument by Christine Ponelle

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