Comet Editors and Publishers:

Welcome to our brand-new website, thanks for stopping by!

What you'll find on this site is a sample of some of the content from Issue #2, the Uncompromising Issue. In addition to what you see here, Issue #2 has interviews with gypsy cowgirl duo Down River, visual and performance artist Minnette Lehman, South African filmmaker Ian Kerkof, and musician Ian MacKaye of Fugazi. There's also a review of Alvin Orloff's "I Married An Earthling," reviewed by Charles Anders; an essay on Gertrude Stein from the estimable Jennifer Stone; and a special section on art versus gentrification.

Issue #2 features poetry and fiction from Steve Gilmartin, Carolyn Miller, Stephanie Young, Lisa Asagi, Kevin DeWeese, Jonathan Hayes, Glenn Ingersoll, Aviva Rosenthal, Cheryl Burket, Eric Baus, Laura Arendal, Jan Richman, Daphne Gottlieb, Audra Wolfmann, Virgil Suarez, Darcie Whelan Kortan, and Eve Wood, in addition to the work from Justin Chin and Beth Lisick you see here.

And of course, there's more to Innerspace, our envelope art gallery, than we could fit on the site. So if you like what you see, pick up a copy at your local independent bookstore (go to the "find us" button to find out where). You can also order copies of our premiere issue, "Welcome to the Future", featuring interviews with Stewart Brand, V. Vale, Craig Baldwin and other forward-thinking artists.

Check out our "News and Events" section for updates on future readings and shows, as well as plans for Issue #3. Thank you for your interest in Comet!



Kathleen Munnelly and Maw Shein Win